Hybrid power generators

Hybrid power generators for construction  

Inefficient generator use is common across construction sites in the UK. Traditionally the same generator that supplies high daytime loads is also left running to supply lower overnight loads. Generators run less efficiently at very low loads, as engines are unable to produce the same number of kWh of energy per litre of fuel when delivering power outputs of less than 25% of their generating capacity. This burns litres of fuel unnecessarily. Generators consume a baseline of fuel, even if they are delivering no power. Running at very low loads can cause damage and reduce the life of the generator.

Hybrid power generators (HPG) have an on-board intelligent management system which automatically manages the supply of power during lower loads; they have onboard battery capacity and can switch off the main diesel generator when higher loads are not required. Use of HPG'™s can reduce fuel consumption by up to 50%, reduce diesel carbon emissions by up to 50% and also reduce maintenance costs due to the reduced running time. Additionally HPG'™s are capable of using a range of renewable technologies such as solar, wind, battery and biodiesel.

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