Glossary of Terms

ALG                       Association of London Government
AQMA                    Air Quality Management Area
AQS                       Air Quality Strategy
BC                         Black Carbon
CMA                      Calcium Magnesium Acetate
DMP                      Dust Management Plan
DPF                       Diesel Particulate Filter
Dust                      All airborne particulate matter (see also TSP)
GLA                      Greater London Authority
HSE                       Health and Safety Executive
KCL                       King’s College London
LAEI                      London Atmospheric Emissions Inventory
LEZ                       Low Emission Zone
LSD                       Low Sulphur Diesel
NO2                       Nitrogen Dioxide
NOX                       Oxides of Nitrogen
NRMM                    Non-road mobile machinery
OC                         Organic Carbon
PM                         Particulate Matter
PM10                     Particles with a diameter less than 10 micro-metres
PM2.5                    Fine particles with a diameter less than 2.5 micro-metres
SPG                       Supplementary Planning Guidance
TEOM                    Tapered Element Oscillating Monitor
TfL                         Transport for London
Track out               Transportation of dust and materials on the wheels of vehicles
TSP                       Total Suspended Particulate matter
ULEZ                     Ultra Low Emission Zone
ULSD                     Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (present UK specification is EN590:2004)
WHO                      World Health Organisation

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