The London Low Emission Construction Partnership

The London Low Emission Construction Partnership (LLECP) was a project funded by the Mayor of London and Transport for London as part of the Mayors Air Quality Fund. The project recieved two rounds of funding from 2014 - 2019.

It was a working partnership between the 'Cleaner Air Boroughs', partners within the demolition and construction sectors, emission reduction and clean technology suppliers and King's College London.

The LLECP used active demolition and construction sites, and the construction machinery, as a 'living lab' in order to conduct trials that aimed to measure the efficacy of different mitigation and abatement techniques in a real world working environment.

What were th aims of the LLECP project?

The objectives for this project were:

  • Help the construction industry to understand its impact on local air quality.
  • Encourage the uptake of 'best in class' pollution reduction (abatement) measures.
  • Improve pollution monitoring and make this data available for construction sites in London.
  • Help to fund 'best in class' abatement measures at construction sites.
  • Evaluate the cost effectiveness of pollution abatement techniques.

How did we achieve this?

We achieved the objectives through the following :

  • A review of current emissions abatement measures to ensure that the latest technology was included in this project.
  • A dedicated website containing information on the air pollution impacts from the construction industry and  the available abatement measures.
  • Provide a real-time pollution measurement platform on the project website.
  • Work with targeted construction sites to provide advice and guidance on how to apply 'best in class' abatement.
  • Assess the impact of abatement techniques using high quality on-site measurement and specialist data analysis.

The project ran three seminar events engaging with the London boroughs and the London construction industry and the presenetations are available under the resources tab.


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