Air quality and emissions in construction - Impact on Urban Health

Air pollution has devastating effects on people’s health. It causes 36,000 premature deaths in the UK every year, approximately 4,000 of those in London.

Not only is air pollution a public health crisis, it’s a social justice issue. Again and again, research shows that it’s the least well off, as well as those from minoritised ethnicities, who are most affected by poor air quality.

Interventions to date have mostly focused on traffic – the biggest source of air pollution – but construction is a major source of air pollution in cities. In London, for example, construction contributes approximately 30% to particulate matter (PM10). That means there’s an opportunity for businesses and government to improve air quality in around construction sites.

We’ve explored what changes can and should be made in a new report in partnership with Impact on Urban Health.

We surveyed people working in the industry – including regulators, suppliers, and developers – so we can better understand attitudes toward air pollution and, ultimately, develop practical recommendations to improve air quality.

You can download a copy of the Air quality and emissions in construction report here

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