Construction Consolidation Centres

In London traffic speeds are slowing and population is increasing but road capacity remains the same, further to this the existing road capacity is being reduced due to the introduction of bus and cycle lanes.

Getting materials and equipment delivered to busy city centres, when required, without causing major congestion is a major issue for construction sites. This is particularly relevant when there is limited on-site storage, no designated vehicle holding area and the road is being shared with many other users.

Construction consolidation centres are strategically located storage facilities that allow for more efficient deliveries to construction sites by organising materials onto a reduced number of low emission vehicles that then enter city centres. This helps to reduce congestion, pollution, construction costs as well as improve road safety for more vulnerable users such as cyclists and pedestrians.

Conventional 'direct from supplier' deliveries can result in many more partially loaded vehicles attempting to access the sites resulting in a traffic build up. This has an increased impact in areas where there are multiple developments running at the same time, meaning deliveries do not arrive 'just in time', high fuel costs and increased vehicle emissions. Consolidation centres also offer added benefits of being able to delay deliveries, if not required, at short notice.

WRAP - the waste and resource action programme - have estimated that consolidation can reduce vehicle numbers by up to 70% during the busiest phases of a construction project.

Further information

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