Occupational Exposure Monitoring on Construction Sites

Employees are the greatest asset for any company and monitoring worker exposure on construction sites is an important way to increase understanding of any risks and identify simple interventions to reduce their exposure to air pollutants.

Worker exposure to hazardous substances is covered by UK law, employers are obliged to assess the risk of those being affected by air pollution and either stop or reduce harmful emissions. Exposure monitoring is required to show that interventions to reduce air pollution are adequate.

One of the most harmful pollutants on a construction site is diesel exhaust emissions, which are classed as a group 1 carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. Employers need to show that they have considered the risk of these type of emissions to their workers and have identified ways in which the risk of exposure can be reduced. 

CLEC can assist you with workforce exposure monitoring, examples of a previous study conducted with Crossrail can be viewed here  

For further information on diesel exhaust click here


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