Where do I locate the pollution monitors?

All demolition and construction sites should be monitored for the generation of air pollution. It is essential to monitor for dust generation, including PM10. For smaller sites this can be simply visual monitoring. The need to monitor PM2.5 and NO2 will be determined on a case by case basis by the local planning authority. The need for monitoring will generally depend on existing air quality, air pollution risks from the evelopment, the technical practicalities and financial implications of such monitoring.

On certain sites it may be appropriate to determine the existing (baseline) pollution levels before construction begins with a minimum of three months being the recommended period. 

Sites are assessed for risk but all medium to high risk sites should carry out continuous real-time monitoring where the live data is accessible to the local authority. 

Monitoring along straight lines across the construction site, with monitors set up in the direction of the prevailing wind. This will allow the developer to take into account background levels to determine the relative contribution of air quality and dust emissions from the construction site. 

Monitoring to take place close to sensitive receptors to assess any impact at these locations.


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