Property developer

As a property developer you are likely to be involved with the development from its inception through to completion and it is your responsibility to make sure that dust and emissions from the site during the demolition, earthworks and construction phases are mitigated as much as possible.

This will form part of your planning process as you will need to submitt a dust management plan to the local authority based on the mitigation outlined in the Greater London Authority's Supplementary Planning Guidance.

Part of the planning process will involve the procurement of suitable non-road mobile machinery (NRMM)  and this is now required to meet a specific engine emission standard in line with EU Directive 97/68/EC and its subsequent amendments in order to use it within London's low emission zone

As well as following the dust and emissions control measures set out in the GLA's SPG you also have the oppurtunity to employ 'best in class' mitigation techniques that will assist in further reducing particulate pollution from both site activity and the engines of your NRMM.

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